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Evolution and Human

Written by: Mufti Mohammed kafeel Ahmed ( Director of ISLAMIC HUBB)


This universe has not always existed, no matter how many years it might have been, the world and the universe did not exist. Then, at some point, it came into existence and gradually, objects, plants, and animals appeared in it. Due to this gradualism, some people concluded that with causes, there are effects, just as Burning with fire, heat with the sun are the laws of nature. Similarly, the world will continue to function and will never end.

According to this conclusion, humans are not created by anyone, but they are evolved forms of animals. In this concept, animals have gradually learned from the circumstances of time and evolved to this degree by adapting and changing to their internal germs. That’s why the DNA of many animals is similar to humans’ DNA. Some species of primates, like chimpanzees, monkeys, have DNA that matches up to 99 percent. As a result, it has been concluded that life on Earth originated and evolved on its own. This theory is known as Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Many modern educational institutions teach this theory, which leads students to mistakenly believe that human was not created as human from the very beginning, instead humans are an evolved form of animals.

However, there are questions raised about such theories. The first question raised on this theory is that if in this world, for creating even a small thing, there must be a creator. So, how did such a vast universe come into being without a creator?

The second question on this theory is: When no organization can function without an administrator, no country can function without a ruler, and even a small house relies on someone responsible, then how is such a vast universe running without any organizer?

The third question on this theory is: who created the laws of nature that govern the system of the world and the universe?

The fourth question that arises on this theory is about the advancement of life on this earth. Before the existence of earth and the universe, where did they come from? This theory remains silent on this matter.

On the other hand, the Big Bang theory provides insights into the beginning of the universe, but the question remains: who or what caused such a massive explosion that led to the origin of the universe?

Indeed, a realist seeking the truth will say that there is someone who is in control, the one who brought this universe into existence and is currently managing it.

From the example of AI, it can be understood that the creator of this universe created certain codes, i.e. causes, and when they are activated, the effects come into existence. If God wills, He can block the causes from producing their effects.

Then the question arises, how do humans’ DNA match with animal DNA?

To understand this, it is enough to grasp the state of the creation of the world.

The first thing created in the world was an atom, which has neither length, width nor depth. Then inanimate bodies were created, like the earth, which have no power to grow or understand. After that, such bodies were created that grow but remain motionless, like trees. Finally, such bodies were created that grow, move, but do not understand, like animals.

Then, in the end, God created the ultimate purpose, i.e. human being, who grows, moves and comprehends. This very understanding made humans the most distinguished among all. That is why, despite matching 99 percent of their DNA with humans, some primates in the world are still not progressing.

On the other hand, humans have made amazing progress. They have sent missions to the moon and are exploring the depths of the earth and the heights of the sky, creating a sense of their existence.

This is clear evidence that humans have been created uniquely, separate from the lineage of animals.

According to this perspective Almighty God has created the first pair of every species successively by himself, and with His will further generations are being born.

So, it is essential to enlighten and educate our generations about the of flaw of atheistic concepts and acquire the correct knowledge of religion, which guides humans throughout their lives, from the mother’s womb to the grave.

May Allah Almighty grant us the ability to acquire true knowledge and to act upon it. Ameen

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