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The greatest power in the universe is the power of knowledge, because it is knowledge that makes man superior to all creatures. The first revelation to be revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encourages learning ” اقرأ باسم ربک الذی خلق ”  Read in the name of your Lord Who created, one of the main purpose of sending the Holy Prophet was to promote education, prophet ( peace be upon him) said: طلب العلم فریضۃ علی کل مسلم ( muslim 224) It is farz on every Muslim to acquire knowledge, no matter wherever muslim lives in the world, It is his responsibility to acquire knowledge. It is his duty to live according to the Shari’ah, Muslims developed in the early days due to the acquisition of knowledge, and even today their progress will be through knowledge, Today, Allah Almighty has created such a facility in the media that in seconds the msg is reaching from east to west, It became easier to benefit from each other’s experience,  At a time when we are advancing in every sector of the life through internet and technology, the ISLAMIC HUBB  ( Online Institute of Islamic Studies ) was established in 2018 in Hyderabad india to use the internet for religious education, Through constant experimentation and meeting with various scholars, ISLAMIC HUBB has come up with a unique way to better manage both online education and religious spirit, Students of all ages from different countries of the world are gaining religious knowledge by joining this institution with Carrying out all the activities of life, Inspired by the institution’s  ideas, methods and performance, many people are connecting their friends with the institution. There are 4 courses taught in the institute.





Join the ISLAMIC HUBB today to learn to recite the Qur’an at home and gain in-depth knowledge of all religious sciences.

1) The institute educates students from all over the world.

2) The institute teach in both Urdu and English language.

3) Best qualified male and female teachers are appointed.

4) There will be only one teacher and one student in the Tajweed & Deeniyat and Quran memorization courses  so that the student can get the full attention of the teacher.

5) Tajweed and Memorization Classes continue from morning 5:00 am IST to evening 11:00 pm IST.

6) Institute conduct Half yearly & Annual examination.

7) A unique way is selected according to the mood and ability of each student.

8) A unique and useful curriculum was developed keeping in view the system of popular  islamic schools of India.

9) A system has been set up to complete the Tajweed & Deeniyat course in 2 years, Quran Memorization course in 3 years, Momina course in 2 years, Alim course in 6 years.

10) Islamic awareness is created in the students by narrating Islamic Stories.

11) Islamic scholars are addressed on the last weekend of each month and on various occasions to inculcate a religious spirit and an Islamic way of life in the students.

12) Student’s academic and training reports are reviewed every month.

The ISLAMIC HUBB was founded not just as an educational institution, its mission is to provide quality education and higher religious awareness, In view of  importance of this world and here after, ISLAMIC HUBB has developed a curriculum that can easily give depth of islamic knowledge to those who are doing there school and College studies and to those who are engaged in jobs or trades, The institution provides education to every student above the age of 5 years so that the institution prepares a ummah which lives its life in accordance with the limits of Islam in every field, the love of Allah and His Messenger is recorded in their hearts, Let it be easy for them to recite the Qur’an and follow the Hadith of the Prophet, The  institute is succeeding in its goal,  Students who follow the rules and regulations of the institution are reaping significant benefits, We pray to Allah Almighty to bless the institution with development and to Provide ways to spread knowledge throughout the world.

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