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Religious education is the birth right of every human being. In history, the rise and fall of different nations of the Muslim Ummah depended on matters such as A strong connection with Allah, unity and Knowledge. Thus Development of this Ummah is not possible without religious knowledge. It is the Sunnah of the Companions of prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) to learn religion along with Worldly needs. The Companions were also familiar with arts and were also familiar with religious sciences. This combination Made them a history making nation. Religion is very easy both to know and to practice. That is why every individual has Been made responsible for it. It is the need of this era to have a large number of people in every field. practicing Religion with deep knowledge Because our practical invitation ( dawah) is more effective than Verbal invitation (dawah). Therefore, the ISLAMIC HUBB has created such a system through it’s continuous Hard work since 2018 that even busy people of “any age from anywhere” can gain religious knowledge from scratch to end in very less time. And by practicing this Knowledge, one can become entitled to all the virtues that Allah and His Messenger have described. Therefore, the curriculum and system has been made in this sense


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1) The only institution in India which is providing religious education to all kind of people in modern manner from scratch to Bachelors.

2) The best solution for religious education for people and areas where there is a lack of talented teachers, or a complaint of time constraints.

3) Certified talented teachers who focus on the education and training of students.

4) There are both male and female teachers who are fluent in English and Urdu.

5) Every student is taught according to his age and ability.

6) Special attention is given on concept building and studies of students.

7) Social and moral training of students is done through stories.

8) A short agreed curriculum that every Muslim must know.

9) Attendance and punctuality are observed.

10) Student’s attendance and progress reports are shared to parents every month.

11) Islamic scholars are addressed on the last weekend of each month and on various occasions to inculcate a religious spirit and an Islamic way of life in the students.

The ISLAMIC HUBB was founded not just as an educational institution, its mission is to provide quality education and higher religious awareness, In view of importance of this world and here after, ISLAMIC HUBB has developed a curriculum that can easily give depth of islamic knowledge to those who are doing their school and College studies and to those who are engaged in jobs or trades, The institution provides education to every student above the age of 5 years so that the institution prepares a ummah which lives its life in accordance with the limits of Islam in every field, the love of Allah and His Messenger is recorded in their hearts, Let it be easy for them to recite the Qur’an and follow the Hadith of the Prophet, The institute is succeeding in its goal, Students who follow the rules and regulations of the institution are reaping significant benefits, We pray to Allah Almighty to bless the institution with development and to Provide ways to spread knowledge throughout the globe.



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