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Biography of the Prophet and Psychiatry




According to seerat of Prophet Mohammed SAWS, Mental illness experts depression is one of the biggest disease in today’s time. Young generation is becoming more depressed, courage less. The amount of people getting mental illness issues have risen exponentially in recent times. Most people affected due to this are those who are addict of Novels, Movies etc which for last couple of decades have been working on unimaginable projects like Super heroes or showing kind of energy which is not possible for a human being to produce. Crime and culprits have been promoted and shown as leading characters in many movies.

Due to these kind of dramas negative thoughts has increased alot and people have gone far away from each other due to loss of trust.

That’s the reason why we see people watching motivational speakers more often. People are now turning towards psychologist. During such time followers of Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him) should never sit back because Prophet has been the brightest mind along with strong mental and physical health to have ever born. There is no harm in following Prophet’s principles they have nothing bad or unproven statistics. The motivational speakers concentrate on particular illness like few concentrate on mental strength, few on human nature, few on self assurance etc. But none can match the abilities of teachings of Prophet ( peace be upon him) which were used by people before us and gave better results. The teachings of Prophet will increase self confidence and every little thing a person needs.

According to Prophet the sign of a true Muslim is that he will be pious and leads a normal life.

Along with this the self confidence will be at such level that he will never betray or get betrayed.

Prophets teaching ask us to look at the root cause for sins instead of looking at sin.

This is why we should be aware of Prophets teachings, as it will help us stay away from this dangerous disease and help others.

to be continued…..

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